Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Uniform layers

After high school, I had a kind of aversion to anything resembling school uniforms that I had worn between ages 9 and 18, meaning white, yellow or blue polo shirts, anything khaki and blue pleated skirts. Ironically, I picked this jumper dress out of the uniform section on one of my more recent trips back to the States. It was more of an impulse, I need something easy to wear over my bathing suit, kind of buy than anything else, but it has turned into one of my favorite "easy" pieces. Taking advantage of the Indian summer we've been experiencing in Paris and in the spirit of trying new things, I chose to layer the dress under one of my favorite summer skirts before it's time to pack it back into the cellar for the winter. I'm pretty happy with the way the look turned out and am excited to try to replicate it with more season appropriate skirts as the weather cools down. 

dress: Wal-Mart girls uniform section; skirt: Forever XXI; shoes: Nine West; necklace: Galleries Lafayette 

1 comment:

  1. I love that outfit! I would absolutely wear that dress, and definitely with strappy sandals and pearls (although in my case, probably without a floral skirt, although it looks wonderful on you).

    I went to a co-ed, no-uniform, call-all-the-teachers-by-their-first-name boarding school, and really missed my previous school uniform! The trauma of wearing not-quite-the-right outfit throughout my teens, in a school filled with the offspring of models and rock stars, who bought all their clothes from designer shops and already had perfect figures, is not something I'd want to relive. Might be why I happily wear clothes with uniform-ish overtones now!