Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Night Love: A Tribute

My mornings are pretty uniform - emails, news and blogs over breakfast. It if ever get a message while I'm breakfasting, it's usually my brother in Florida who hasn't gone to sleep yet - and this hasn't happened in a long time. So this morning, when my messenger chimed, I didn't jump out of my seat or spill coffee but I was mildly surprised. It was an invitation to this semester's closing event at my school. Once this program ends and the summer is out, the center will close its doors for good.
I was able to slip away from work for a little while this afternoon to attend and as I watched the students interact with each other and walked around walls covered with student work, I realized how lucky I am to have spent a year studying in Paris and with such great professors. If it wasn't for my year spent abroad, I may not live in Paris today; know the people I know, work where I work, be who I am ... My year abroad taught me to expand my horizons, think outside of the box, look at things with a different eye and give myself new goals.
So tonight, my only Wednesday night love tonight is the P.R.C. Cheers to memories and friends made and cheers to all the teachers who inspired us there !

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

festival of tulips

this weekend we celebrated Easter in the Alps and left Paris expecting rain. Instead, we found a weekend full of sun and the city celebrating the "festival of tulips." We couldn't have asked for a better weekend - late mornings, sunny afternoons and days full of relaxing. Coming home was not easy!

dress: asos; wedges and trench: h&m

une coccinelle gourmande !

and maybe i'm a little gourmande too !

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Night ♥s

- sunny terraces
- sunset apéro
- springtime dressing
- surprise - planning

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

this happens a lot

It's quite often that I get dressed in the morning only to realize I'm head to toe Forever XXI. Sometimes I try to avoid it, but it happened again on Monday much to my liking. I didn't realize it would get as warm as it did yesterday so I kept my tights on a little longer. They are now ready for temporary retirement and it seems pedicure season can finally begin temperatures are set to reach nearly 80 today!

Monday, April 18, 2011

pink tuxedo

Sunday we continued our weekend excursion with visits to Blois and Chenonceau. The chateaux and their gardens were magnificent - everything about them lush and pristine, perfect in symmetry and style. The walk in the garden after the chateau visit was one of my favorite parts of the weekend - the sun shining bright and the smells of all the flowers made it feel like summer was just around the corner and the weekend was as endless as the pathways in the forest.

pants: Zara; shirt and blazer: Forever XXI; bag: Old Navy

an afternoon at Chambord

As Friday rolled along this week and the weekend promised to be a sunny one, Mister & I decided to do something we always talk about and never actually do - spend the weekend in the Loire Valley.
Saturday morning we packed up the car and were off into gorgeous blue skies and breathtaking views of some of the most amazing chateaux I've ever seen. We spent the whole afternoon in Chambord before driving to Blois where we spent the night visiting the town and the following day visiting neighboring chateaux. Although I wish the weekend could go on forever, reality has hit and it's the start of another week. Things to look forward to: long Easter weekend, Spain, the States - East AND West Coasts!!

shorts and blazer: Forever XXI; blouse: Gap; bag: Old Navy

Thursday, April 14, 2011

wednesday night/ thursday night loves

- neon brights everywhere
- filling up imaginary shopping baskets online
- toys on my desk at work
- gun metal manicures
- sunsets on the balcony

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

day dreams

too early in the day, i heard a song that took me far away from reality and left me a summer wonder dream land for a good part of the afternoon. it's cold outside and the sky was grey this morning but in my head, i was barefoot in the sand, wearing brights and a bikini and drinking a frozen piña colada. vacation is about 45 days away but already i can't do much but think about long days of lazying about on a raft or a beach towel and complete escape.

blazer, tee, earrings and ring: Forever XXI; skirt: zara; pumps: Nine West; watch: Michael Kors
sailing away to "bermuda" - by kisses

Monday, April 11, 2011

le beau temps

on the way home tonight, i saw a little boy ask his mom what time it was. he must have been around the age where kids learn to read time - she extended her arm out so he could read her watch - and the little boy looked at her confused? was it really 8:30? his mom shook her head and the boy's face changed to a mix of pride (i read the time correctly) and a sly smile (it's 8:30 and it's still day out!)
these past few days have been gorgeous - not a cloud in the sky, endless blue and beautiful sunsets, perfect weather for terrace lunches and long walks in the city. i know it can't last - it never does - but oh how i wish it did !

pants, earrings and blazer: Forever XXI; tee: Old Navy; pumps: Nine West

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Night Loves

After a day full of sour lemons, I seriously reconsidered my Wednesday Night Loves. This afternoon I felt like I was faking it - I was in a terroriffic mood and I was trying to think of things that had made me happy in the days or hours before - nothing was working.
I was on my way to the metro, clacking my heels extra hard on the pavement when my phone rang with a text message. "Happy Hour?" from my boyfriend. Like a snap of the fingers, happy thoughts came back and I felt the spring time air lift the heaviness of the day off my shoulders. Optimal terrace placement at the café and another late sunset reminded me that these are the moments to live and to love and the rest just kind of goes away ...

Soooo this Wednesday I love ..

- the hot pink color of this poppy flower ice cream had over the
weekend and still brightening my daydreams (the deliciousness helped too)

- beautiful sunsets
- spending time in the kitchen

- little lights everywhere (tonight's top inspired by this picture)

top: Mango; pants: Gap; jacket: Zara; shoes: Boutique 9; necklace: Forever XXI