Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Night Loves

After a day full of sour lemons, I seriously reconsidered my Wednesday Night Loves. This afternoon I felt like I was faking it - I was in a terroriffic mood and I was trying to think of things that had made me happy in the days or hours before - nothing was working.
I was on my way to the metro, clacking my heels extra hard on the pavement when my phone rang with a text message. "Happy Hour?" from my boyfriend. Like a snap of the fingers, happy thoughts came back and I felt the spring time air lift the heaviness of the day off my shoulders. Optimal terrace placement at the café and another late sunset reminded me that these are the moments to live and to love and the rest just kind of goes away ...

Soooo this Wednesday I love ..

- the hot pink color of this poppy flower ice cream had over the
weekend and still brightening my daydreams (the deliciousness helped too)

- beautiful sunsets
- spending time in the kitchen

- little lights everywhere (tonight's top inspired by this picture)

top: Mango; pants: Gap; jacket: Zara; shoes: Boutique 9; necklace: Forever XXI

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