Thursday, April 11, 2013

date night - mid-spring fling

I have been thinking of starting a weekly regular on mademoiselleonthemetro for a while now. After dabbling in ‘Wednesday loves’ a few years ago, putting together a sampling of things that were getting me along each week, I think it’s time to introduce ‘Date Night.’ Every Thursday, I will put together a date outfit and try to correspond it to actual things happening in my life and things I would actually/wish I could afford to wear.

I’ll start with a date night for a mid-spring evening. Despite the ridiculous lack of warm weather in Paris, my mind has been so often drifting to light evenings, pink sunsets and romantic walks through the city. In my mind, a perfect evening date would include a walk through a magically lit garden, a glass of champagne at sunset on a terrace and dinner in a new place with a view.

dress: H&M conscious collection; earrings: Bauble Bar; shoes: Asos