Friday, October 18, 2013

birthday dreamery

Anyone who knows me knows that I love birthdays and get especially giddy around mine. In middle school, when decorative school supplies were all the hype, I would spend hours decorating a countdown to my birthday that I would post on the front of my binders on October 1. Now the countdown takes place in my head but I still get very excited planning celebrations – even when it means baking my own cake!
In the perfect world, my birthday this year would be a holiday, or at least a day off and I would prance around the city in a frilly outfit, visiting expos, eating cotton candy and pastries on sunny terraces (indication of daydreaming considering it’s late October), drinking champagne and just the general dilly dallying that birthday in Paris should consist of. If my perfect day were to come true, this is what I would wear.

shoes: Zara; bag: Zara; belt: Asos; dress: Sheinside

Thursday, October 17, 2013

metro happenings - metro mission

Before I start the story of the wild goose chase I went on to get to work a few mornings ago, I’ll admit that I shamelessly left my house later than usual.

I was happy to find a seat from the first stop and was on my merry way. Right? Wrong!

Three stops into my ride, the train started slowing down. The doors were staying open for a long time at each stop and then suddenly, it was over. Our train was stopped at a station for about ten minutes before any announcement was made – a technical problem was stopping us from moving forward. A few minutes later, it was a suspicious item a few stops ahead of us that required complete evacuation of the train. The conductor told us another train would follow shortly thereafter, leaving the platform overflowing with people huffing and puffing as they took out their phones to make the “I’ll be late to the office this morning call.” When I scrambled around inside my bag to find mine, I took it only to see it had died in my purse overnight.

A second train did indeed make its way to the station; it too, packed to the brim. Some of us squeezed in (days like these I’m happy to be small) and waited. And waited. And waited. About five minutes later, an announcement came on to let us know the line was being entirely evacuated and that alternate routes would need to be taken.

Enter about 300 people trying to make their way up to the surface to catch the bus or a free velib’. The bus stop, as one would imagine was spilling out over the sidewalk and onto the street. I looked up at the time table – three minutes till the next bus came rolling through. It was pretty full but I managed to jigger myself in the front door. The bus driver, with whom I would have shared a seat with if it weren’t for the barrier between the driver and the rest of the bus, got in a heated argument with an old lady as he tried to offer that as she wasn’t trying to get to work, she should wait for the next bus. She would have none of that and blocked the door from closing until he ceded and let her on the bus. One stop later, said old woman got off the bus and walked into a bakery – undoubtedly to buy the morning baguette most other people on that bus only have on the weekends.

Before the next stop, a game of telephone let the driver know that someone in the back of the bus had passed out. No kidding given the crazy number of humans jammed into about six meters of moving space. Bus evacuated.

Now standing on the corner of rue Monge and staring down at Paris towards the Seine, I was just about ready to give up, turn around and walk home.

Instead, I took another bus – empty as it wasn’t on said chaotic route – and took the metro at Odeon. Six smooth stops on line 4 and two on line 3 later, I got to the office. It was 10:30. The train I had wanted to take at 9:05 was still out of service. I was mad. I wanted to cry. I wanted to laugh. All I could think was – c’est la vie, c’est Paris!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I've written about how hard it is for me to get rid of certain items. Today's outfit is once again composed of said pieces. The blouse because it's probably the most perfectly fitting white blouse I own, and I've had it since my sister passed it down to me in high school. And the dress, also handed down to me by my sister around the time of my twentieth birthday. Proof that the best pieces don't always have to be the newest. 

dress and boots: Forever XXI; blouse: Old Navy; necklace: Galleries Lafayette 

Monday, October 7, 2013

triple offender

Three weeks ago when we came back from Valencia, it was a little difficult to get over the fact that we'd officially crossed over into autumn. And so what do you do when you're not ready for a season? You go back, yes even if it's for the third time this year! Fast forward to this weekend, and that's exactly what we did - bask in perfect, cloudless skies and the welcoming Mediterranean for two full days of pure summer heaven. As soon as we stepped off the metro and into the Turia garden, it was au revoir layers and hola sunglasses, sandals and sunbathing. We were so happy to be back, we took these pictures as soon as we landed, weekend bag in hand and all. 

dress: H&M; headband and bag: Forever XXI; shoes: Nine West; weekend bag: Longchamp

Friday, October 4, 2013


When the September issues started popping up at the news kiosks, I bought an unreasonable amount of them. In them, I found a Valentino ad with a dress I'll likely never be able to afford. Left to my devices and existing pieces in my closet, I put together a blouse and a printed dress to recreate the look as close as possible. 

 dress, necklace, earrings: Forever XXI; blouse: H&M; wedges: Nine West 

Thursday, October 3, 2013


I love a lot of things about Paris, I know. One of those is the simple act of rediscovering parts of the city that were once habitual hangouts but have slowly moved out of our system. This weekend, we took a walk through Bercy Village and the park around the cinematheque and I remembered how much I enjoy that area - the park is really like an oasis in the middle of the city and I especially love the fact there are actual vineyards and a vegetable garden so close to home. 

top and jeans: Forever XXI; belt and flats: H&M; jacket: 'troc'd' from a friend; sunnies: YSL

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

casually falling

The weather has been kind of strange as of late. After two weeks of what seemed like autumn had settled, we've had two weeks of in betweeness that kind of makes it hard to dress. Since I still have all my summer clothes in the apartment and am reluctant to go down to the cellar to make the switch, I'm trying to incorporate summer pieces into slightly warmer looks. I wore this the other day for errand, figuring that if I wear heels to work, I should also wear them when I'm out with Monsieur. 

pants: Asos; blouse and shoes: Gap; bag: Lancel; earrings: Baccarat