Saturday, October 30, 2010

ruffles and baubles

When I first got this dress, it was my favorite and I didn't want to wear it anywhere that wasn't "special." Thankfully that phase is over and I find myself turning to it every time I want something nice and sans complication - I love the ruffle details. One thing I particularly love about it is how easily it transitions from cold weather to hot weather. I threw on my favorite accessories of the moment for lunch with my dad and my sister and ended the afternoon with a brainstorming session on very last minute halloween costumes.

dress and ring: Forever XXI (old); bow bracelet: H&M; watch: Michael Kors; bracelet: the mart; nails: Essie Smokin' Hot

Friday, October 29, 2010


Being back home and not having to worry about layers of warm clothes, I should find it easy to dress for casual carefree days of doing whatever I want. When I packed for this trip, I told myself I would try to wear everything at least once yet I find myself turning to the same pieces over and over again - light button down shirts and simple striped items.
Today I went to lunch with an old friend for what she very correctly called "the most overdue rendez-vous of the century." We had a great time catching up and I can't wait to do it again!

top, belt and ring: Forever XXI; pants: urban outfitters (old); shoes: Nine West (ancient); bracelet: the mart

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I had never heard the term "golden birthday" until last week when a friend asked me how I felt about finally having mine. Although the term was new to me, I must say, I was really excited to turn 23 on the 23rd and to say I was "golden."
Twenty two was a great year for me - finished school, moved to Paris, got a job and I feel like I've really come into my own as a woman and as a person. This year was really a great one, and I would like to thank my family, loved ones and close friends for always supporting my decisions even if most of the time, they are hard ones - I can already feel that this upcoming twenty-third year will be filled with new adventures and opportunities, and hopefully I can say it was indeed golden at the end of it.
Today, celebrations started off with a pampering session of a home haircut (thanks Grandma) and manicure before dinner with close family and friends. Thanks to everyone, near and far, who made this day so special.

dress: Forever XXI (borrowed); shoes: Nine West; bracelet: made by my sister; nails: Limited Addiction by Essie

Friday, October 22, 2010

the long and short of it

Long or short? Short or long? That is the question!! And we'll find out tomorrow...

sources: unknown; tommyton; ELLE UK

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

bows and black

The first few days of jet lag are always a little bit funny for me - waking up extra early and then feeling extremely tired in the early evening hours. Finally in the hot, hot sun and I'm ready to play with sandals and warm weather outfits one last time before they have to be put away till spring. I hope my winter coats will look nice with a fresh sunny glow!

top and skirt: Forever XXI; shoes: Nine West (old)

Monday, October 18, 2010

good things

Here are some pictures that wrapped up a more than perfect day yesterday. We decided to have a day of celebration - first for my pre-birthday, second the fact that in just about three weeks, a long mess of paperwork, plane rides and waiting will finally be over! When everything goes your way all day, the last thing that matters is how good the pictures are, but how full of love and happy memories your heart is when you lay down to sleep at night.
Currently looking forward to spending time with family and loved ones before embarking on the adventure of officially growing up.

top: H&M; skirt: Forever XXI; bag: Longchamp; booties: Nine West

Saturday, October 16, 2010

ditsy dots and daydreams

Isn't it crazy how many things need to get done before finally taking off? I feel like although I've been here for just over two months, these last few days will be a whirlwind of errands and last minute tid bits that need tying. See you later, alligators ;)

cardigan, t-shirt and skirt: Forever 21

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Flowers on the metro

Often when I see people on the metro or in the streets with bouquets of flowers, I wonder about special occasions and who will receive them. I think the best flowers are "just because" flowers - for no particular reason at all - soooo that being said, this afternoon I decided to buy myself some buds regardless of the fact that we will be going out of town in three days - just to brighten up the apartment and to start off early birthday celebrations. Just because.

dress: Forever XXI; jacket: Zara; booties: Style&Co; bag; Longchamp; scarf: street vendor

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

black & tan

To get in the mood for autumn, I pulled out my black and tan Longchamp bag and mixed my favorite pieces in the two colors into an outfit for running errands this afternoon. Even though I'll have to switch bags again before the end of the week to prepare for my upcoming trip (I can use all the carry-on space I can get) it's a nice change.

blouse and jeans: Forever XXI; trench and wedges: H&M; bag; Longchamp a/w 2008

Monday, October 11, 2010

what I wore: Sunday afternoon

The weather lately has been exceptional, but a real tease - blue skies, zero clouds and scorching sun in the apartment. It's great now, but once the cold settles in, it will definitely be hard getting used to boots and coats again! Here's what I wore yesterday for my favorite weekend activity - doing next to nothing and wandering aimlessly around the city for hours - I'll throw in a funny bunny we crossed on the way, just for fun.
Happy Monday!

top: 2 Elles; pants and head wrap: Forever XXI; flats: Gap; bag: Longchamp

Sunday, October 10, 2010

fête de vendanges, montmartre

Last night, a crisp autumn breeze blew as we went up to Montmartre for the "fête de vendanges," or a kind of harvest festival to celebrate the grape harvest in the vineyards just outside the city. Wine makers from all regions of the country were offering samples and selling their finest bottles and traditional dishes. We stuck to bottles of red and matched them with foie gras sandwiches, which were possibly one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten - the foie gras was so tender it literally melted into the bread, almost like butter.

cardigan and top: Forever XXI; jeans and flats: Gap; bag: Longchamp

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Since the summer, this shade of pinkish-grey almost white has been my new favorite color. I'll soon run out of fingers to count how many pieces I've gotten in this color since July - it's just really a color of all seasons. To transition between summer and fall on a particularly warm October day, I wore this otherwise very summer dress with black tights and a cardigan to lunch with one of my colleagues.

dress, cardigan, belt and ring: Forever XXI; tights and oxfords: Target; bow cuff: H&M

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

team player

Months and months ago, I got my boyfriend tickets to go see the NY Knicks and the Minnesota Timberwolves in Paris for his birthday. Finally the day came and we had a great time; me switching between teams to root for; him enjoying the game. Since I went as a neutral fan, I decided to wear one of my favorite shirt dresses before it gets too cold to wear again until spring.

dress: Forever XXI; blazer: H&M; tights: Target; booties: Style&Co

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

window shopping

There's something dreamy about Parisian shop/store window displays - something big, something out of the ordinary - like someone literally woke up after a whimsical, incredible dream and whipped up a gorgeous window for breakfast! I love walking by the windows of the Gallery Lafayette and Printemps and marveling at their grandiosity, or by bakeries and suddenly wanting every sugary treat in sight! This weekend on two trips, one to Printemps and one to Palais Royal, I had to stop and stare in the windows.

At Printemps, I felt the sudden need for a cupcake after seeing this giant one! And then the sudden, very familiar desire to go to New York came trickling through my bones.

The toys in this shop window are so detailed, you can almost imagine being there - in the circus, watching the Tour de France or taking in a show at the cabaret!