Tuesday, October 5, 2010

window shopping

There's something dreamy about Parisian shop/store window displays - something big, something out of the ordinary - like someone literally woke up after a whimsical, incredible dream and whipped up a gorgeous window for breakfast! I love walking by the windows of the Gallery Lafayette and Printemps and marveling at their grandiosity, or by bakeries and suddenly wanting every sugary treat in sight! This weekend on two trips, one to Printemps and one to Palais Royal, I had to stop and stare in the windows.

At Printemps, I felt the sudden need for a cupcake after seeing this giant one! And then the sudden, very familiar desire to go to New York came trickling through my bones.

The toys in this shop window are so detailed, you can almost imagine being there - in the circus, watching the Tour de France or taking in a show at the cabaret!

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