Saturday, December 31, 2011

lace and ruffles

top: Old Navy; shorts: Forever XXI, flats: H&M; bag: Coach; nails: Essie 'silken cord' and Dare T. Wear 'Hologram Diamond'; watch: Michael Kors

With this weather, you'd never think we will be ringing in a new year in a mere 24 hours and although it seems weird to be wearing shorts when it should be cold, I'm definitely not missing my coat and mittens. This is what I wore for an afternoon of family time and exploring parts of the beach I had never ventured off to before. Vivement l'été to enjoy these new finds to their maximum!

Friday, December 30, 2011

a very pink year

In a fruitless scavenge for Essie's 'pink parka,' I couldn't get pink out of my mind at the beauty supply.
I guess it's a sign that 2012 will be as bubbly (and sparkly) as my choices of nail varnish. As 2011 comes to an end, I can say now that the year was mostly exciting and successful and I'm happy to say we've surmounted our biggest obstacles.
I'm looking forward to stating a new year fresh and revitalized and full of motivation. Maybe if I document my resolutions for the new year on the blog, I will feel more obliged to keep them than if they stay in my paper diary for the next 366 days and so they are...

- Actually work out throughout the year
- Improve my writing skills in French (maybe some will come out on the blog every now and then)
- Be more assertive
- Stop picking at my lips and start taking better care of my skin in general
- Work actively and seriously on personal projects and goals

Happy new year and may all your resolutions and wishes come true !
Love, Mademoiselle on the Metro

Colors in order of appearance: Essie 'Splash of Grenadine;' Essie 'Mod Squad,' Essie 'French Affair,' Dare T. Wear 'Hologram Diamond,' Color Club 'Pink Flare,' Hollywood Color 'Love Song'

Thursday, September 1, 2011

petite écolière

the beginning of september doesn't mark back to school for me any more, but i thought i'd start the month with my best foot forward and put together this school inspired outfit. after a week of sunbathing and swimming in the south of france (pictures to come) it's time to get serious and plunge right back into the swing of things, refreshed and full of new energy.
the months ahead already look busy and promising and i'm excited for the challenges !

blouse: Ralph Lauren; skirt: Zara; trench: H&M; necklace: Forever XXI; shoes: Nine West

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Paris ... Je t'aime ?

a post of two tales

late last week : angry and untitled
to live in this city is to be in a constant battle between love and hate . every day there are tests of patience of strength, of smells, sounds, sights ... either you pass, feeling like you sit on top of the world, or you fail - angrily questioning why in the world you would choose to move and live here of all places. Most days i feel like i've come out on top, like i've conquered something, but on these few others i can't help thinking of how easy i had it before - with a car, without a slight language barrier, air conditioner, where crosswalks are easily accessible things thanks to the invention of malls and the ever so precious four letter word: S.A.L.E!

tonight : mad about town
we spent the long weekend by the sea - visiting small villages and towns, listening to the ocean's roar, and really taking the time to take it easy. our return to the city last night was long, and we found ourselves wishing we were on real vacation (soon, we had to keep telling ourselves) coming back to paris and starting a new week this morning, i had the same uneasy feeling i had towards the end of last week when nothing seemed to be going right. then, tonight, i took the bus through my old neighborhood and into my new one, passing by some of my absolute favorite parts of the city and was once again reminded i'm mad about Paris! i love the little streets where you can find everything you need - bakery, butcher, cheese, flowers, wine - and i love how in so many street windows there are people standing staring in - every one has a different story to tell and we are all curious !

moral of the story is anywhere you go, there you are - sometimes you love it, sometimes you can't stand it , but luckily, there is always something there to remind you ...

tonight and most of the time, paris, je t'aime

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the essence of summer

These pictures were taken a long, long time ago but they remind me of everything summer should be about - white dresses, dangly jewelry, sun in large quantities and not having a care in the world. Summer has come in two-day doses this year and I feel like I can never get enough of it! So here's to sipping margaritas or frozen drinks at sunset, bare feet in the sand (or grass) and wishing we never had to grow up!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

california dreaming

because i woke up in the mood for california, here are some snips of our trip last june
ohhh how i wish it could have lasted!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a new beat

my alarm clock rings at a new time - 7:37 - i like odd minutes; i have a new morning routine and a new metro route. it's taken a little getting used to like - what wagon should i take in the train to be near the exit, which stops have a better chance of liberating a seat for me, what if i leave home/work just a minute later ...

top: H&M; pants and necklace: Forever XXI, wedges: Nine West

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It's been forever ! I didn't mean to disappear but when there are ten million things happening per day, it's all to easy to drop like a rock when it's time to go to bed. these are some of the last pictures from the mythic balcony - yes, i've moved. I took these a few days after we decided to take the plunge (or rather, the rise - we are a few stories higher than before) when everything was still in its place and the thought of moving was just that ... a thought. As things start settling down, outfit posts and adventures-in-moving posts will start making their way back into my daily routine.

pants: Zara; tee and blazer: Forever XXI; wedges: Nine West

Friday, July 1, 2011

Heat Wave

dress: Forever XXI; sandals: Nine West; bracelets: Passage to India