Tuesday, April 24, 2012

tan-ning in the rain

originally, I thought of this outfit bare-legged and with a pair of nude studded sandals. instead of sandals and sunglasses, i accessorized this multi-mute shade outfit with mary janes and pearly accents for work today and with shimmery silver tones for a walk in the afternoon on Sunday. it's supposed to clear up progressively over the next few days and through the weekend, so i think i'll try my sunny optimism and get a lovely pedicure going ...

skirt, belt(s), chain necklace: Forever XXI; mary janes; Nine West; flats: Zara; pearly necklace (barely visible): J.Crew

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sandals and Sunshine

Clockwise from top left: River Island via ASOSOld NavyZaraNine WestNine WestZaraNine West

Between intermittent rain showers and cold blasts, there is the hope of spring time, if not a direct transition to summer when we go south for a few weeks. Here are a few of my shoe favorites for the season - paired with a super bright pedi, I'm sure any of these would be perfect additions to my collection. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012


It's funny when you look at familiar things from enough distance, you tend to forget the negative and only think fondly of a past time. It's funny because the swarm of emotions and memories come flying at you as such speed that you heart is instantly warmed, you are transported to a time when you were younger, things were easier. You remember things you didn't even know still lived within you and which you may not necessarily want to go back to exactly how things were back then, you know you are who you are toady because of these moments that will stay with you forever. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

simple addition

black + white = an easy combination for a rainy wednesday
black + white + glitter and an up-do = instantly better

I'm beginning to wonder where the promise of spring has gone hiding. On mornings like today, I'm glad I haven't made the trip to the cellar to switch out winter wear for summer wear but I also worry I might not make the trip until it's time to pack for sunnier destinations. To add some kind of glimmer (glitter) to my day, I opted my super sparkly Peter Pan collar, which makes its debut on the blog today, but has been one of my favorite additions since last autumn.

sweater and pants: Forever XXI; tee: Old Navy; collar: Abataba

Monday, April 16, 2012

every girl

It's common knowledge that every girl can dream. But I think, every girl should! It's really one of the things that makes being a girl so much fun because if it weren't for dreams, life would be less magical in so many ways. The first time I saw a picture of this dress, I instantly imagined myself at least 6 inches taller than my current (permanent) height, tanned, perfectly coiffed and made up, and walking down the streets of Paris in a pink sunset, arm in arm with my boyfriend. I knew however, that a) it would never fit, b) we don't exactly lead the kind of lifestyle that would allow for that kind of strolling through the city in a floor-length near ball gown style dress and c) chances were I'd never even see it on the rack.
So the dream remained.
Tonight, as I prepared a quick in-and-out chez H&M to return some unwanted loot, I stumbled upon said dress in the smack front of the store, conveniently in a size 34. I swooped it over my arm and headed straight for the fitting room and let me just say, if it weren't for the fact that I really could not justify spending so much money on a dress that I honestly cannot think of a single event I can wear it to, it would be sitting in my apartment right now waiting for hem alterations.

official photo: H&M Facebook

Friday, April 13, 2012

hot pink, take two

I love the idea of getting out of work on Friday and knowing there are two full days of relaxation and freedom ahead. Friday night we met at one of our favorite meeting spots in Paris to start the weekend right after a long week of late nights and early starts. We must have not been the only ones with weekend on the mind, as when we got home, music was blaring on the ground floor of our building as two parties were in full swing in the building; and so cheers to long mornings of reading, tartines and café au lait, lazy evenings with a glass of wine and good company and enjoying everything the weekend has to offer.

skirt, blazer, shoes: Forever XXI; blouse: Tommy Hilfiger Collection; trench: H&M

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

hot pink, take one

and take two will come along later in the week, and with reason - it's so grey and cold out, that the only way to remember is springtime, is to dress like it. i got this skirt several years ago and thought it was one of my favorite pieces, still today the mix of bright colors keeps this skirt in my top-15 (at least) favorites

skirt and blazer: Forever XXI; tee: Old Navy; flats: H&M; necklace: the mart

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

double dose

Here's a double dose of what appears to be my uniform this week; minidress and a blazer - perfect mixing for spring (calendar) and not so spring (weather). While I wish it would be warmer, especially for the long weekend, I won't exactly complain that it's cold as I feel less inspired to go galavanting around the city in the cold and more okay with being indoors all day. Come the weekend however, I hope the sun knows what to do !

grey dress; blazer; mary janes: Forever XXI
pink dress: H&M; blazer: Forever XXI; pumps: Nine West

Monday, April 2, 2012

un jour comme un autre

I have mixed feeling about Mondays. Sometimes there's the promise of an exciting week ahead, the idea of surprises that await and enthusiasm to start fresh after a weekend of free time. Other times, they just make me want to press the fast forward button on the week and all I can think about is sleeping in late like it's Saturday morning and having one more day away.
Today was a mix of these two feelings. Surprisingly early at the office, I got an amazing amount of work done (almost all items on my to do list, which is rare) and by the time I left tonight, I thought, "Maybe this week won't be so bad after all."

tops: Forever XXI; pants: Mango; pumps: Nine West

Sunday, April 1, 2012

along the river

Last weekend, after two days of perfection, I thought of taking a trip to the cellar, brining out all my summer things (sandals, notably) and ditching coats, layers, boots and scarves. Au revoir, see you next fall! More like, see you this weekend ! The sun was blazing this afternoon as we lazed along the banks of the Seine, me reading Grazia, him reading the sports pages; but I kept my coat on for the most of the afternoon and dread the thought of it dipping back into the 30s by Wednesday...

bag: Longchamp; pants and blazer: Forever XXI; blouse: Ralph Lauren; sunglasses: YSL