Sunday, February 27, 2011

museum date

on the way home from dinner last night, my boyfriend and i decided that today would be a Louvre day. it's been about two years since I've actually visited the collections and it was most definitely a welcomed revisit as well as a change from our usual sunday walks.
after the louvre, we spent a nice part of the afternoon exploring the many nooks and crannies of the seventh and sixth arrondissments of paris, visiting streets we'd never walked down before and letting ourselves get lost in the magic of it all, wishing of course tomorrow wasn't monday.

trying for my very own 'funny face' moment

dress and ring: Forever XXI; tights and bag: H&m; booties: asos; ring; watch: michael kors; bracelets: the mart and made by mom; snake cuff: moa

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Getting home on Friday night has to be one of the best feelings ever invented. A long week finally behind you and two full days of doing absolutely whatever you please - no alarm clocks, no deadlines, nothing but you time. It's like a calm suddenly came over me as soon as I took off my shoes tonight - there's really nothing like that feeling; when you know the weekend has arrived!

dress and tights: H&M; blazer: Forever XXI; boots: Zara

Friday, February 25, 2011

the thursday post

impatiently awaiting Friday evening

shirt: H&M; skirt, blazer, necklace: Forever XXI, boots: Zara

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Night Loves

- fun trinkets and kitsch-ish gadgets like my owl phone case.
also on my list of funny little things i love, the pretend fish tank on my desk at work (not pictured), my minnie muse sweater worn today before the deluge and my sequin pj's that are equal doses of fun and cool (pictured giraffe is more like family than a trinket)

- the snooze button (this is more of a Wednesday morning love)
- my fun-brella to protect myself from the winter rain
- when the songs on my (vintage) ipod (shuffle) plays songs that match my mood - this is becoming more and more rare seeing as i haven't updated my music in about three months ...
- getting home in time for a full episode of un-DVR'ed Friends

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Night Loves

- leaving home in the morning in ballet flats and coming home in new boots
- dancing tulips on our dinner table
- successful online shopping
- the intensely serene smell of violets
- midnight macarons

red shoes and metro reflections

Last night, while sprinting from wagon to wagon of the same train (to be closer to the exit at my stop), I quite took a liking to the reflection of my red in the steel metro doors. The red flash of movement was so amusing to me in fact, I almost forgot what time I was actually going home at.
P.S. Looking at my yellow "lunch box," I really wish I had my old-school Lisa Frank lunch bag with me in Paris - I can just imagine how much fun it would be!

top: Zara; pants: Forever XXI; shoes: H&M

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

pop of color

I tried to steer away from traditional red or pink attire for Valentine's Day yesterday and opted for an experiment in color blocking instead. The pop of intense color from under my coat was instantly uplifting and definite morning-brightener. A long day at work suddenly seems shorter when you have happier colors on than muted ones.
Anyways, hope your Valentine's Day was exactly what you were hoping for - mine was - romantic after-work drinks, a stop in at a brand new bakery near Odeon and deeelicious dinner at home made by yours truly.

top and skirt: Forever XXI (old); tights: Target; shoes: Nine West; coat: Zara (a/w 08)

Friday, February 11, 2011

the balcony in the sun

Dear Springtime,

Welcome back!

What a better way to end an excessively busy week than with sun and warmth? I think I'll be putting my sunglasses back in my purse after such a splendid sunny day. I just hope it lasts!

top: H&M dress worn as a shirt, pants: Gap; shoes: zara; scarf: souvenir; nails: OPI pinking of you

Thursday, February 10, 2011


t-shirt, cardigan; skirt and rings: Forever XXI; shoes: Nine West

Wednesday night loves on Thursday

- little signs of Valentine's Day love all over the Parisian metro

- laughing kids on the train ride home
- the intense orange color of the carrot purée I made for dinner
(seen here with veal in a pepper sauce and white rice)

- this extrava-va-gant nail polish that sparked up my meeting attire,
but albeit was also a little embarrassing!

- a new episode of gossip girl a few days after-the-fact

cardigan: GAS; blouse: Forever XXI; Skirt: Zara; shoes: Nine West

Monday, February 7, 2011

monday morning metro

Last night I dreamt about this morning's metro ride, and I can't deny I was a little scared to hop on when the time came this morning.
In my dream, a commute that takes roughly 17 minutes took a whole day, making me go almost insane and making me wish, like a little kid, that I wouldn't have to go on today. But this morning, everything is fine and on schedule (early even) and the only thing I want to do is enjoy the lovely springtime sun sooo... I'll take the non-habitual way to work and walk the last bit of the way!
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday night loves + outfit

- mousy hues
- crunchy apples
- Dublin in T-2 days
- crêpes for dinner in typical Candelmas Day tradition
- folksy love songs - currently channeling She and Him and Jack Johnson tunes for a
Valentine-y feel

dress, blazer: Forever XXI; shoes: Zara; watch Michael Kors; nails: Essie Mink Muffs

morning style

This post was meant for yesterday but my silly phone played a February Fool's trick on me so I'll adapt the story and include this morning's style bit.
For the past two days, and every day really, I press the snooze button until it's absolutely imperative that I get out of bed and off to work before I'm late. Luckily, these past few days have allowed me to press the button a couple of extra times since I've been picking out my outfits before bed and I've found myself at the breakfast table surprisingly early. Yesterday I used my extra time to change out of my usual pearl stud earrings into something a little flashier and apply a fresh coat of red lipstick. Today i used the time to give myself a weather and grey sky appropriate 'mink muff' manicure.
These little extras in the morning along with my new sky high booties have given me a burst of extra morning style that I am eager to keep experimenting with.
Yesterday, as I arrived to my train station, a woman in her late 70s at least, was swiping her transport card in style - smart ballet flats, creamy cashmere stockings, a well-fitted tweed coat, Chanel bag and an oh-so-neat bun of white whispy hair. Cheers to her and to all of us for adding style to our days from the very early morning!
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