Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Night Loves

- fun trinkets and kitsch-ish gadgets like my owl phone case.
also on my list of funny little things i love, the pretend fish tank on my desk at work (not pictured), my minnie muse sweater worn today before the deluge and my sequin pj's that are equal doses of fun and cool (pictured giraffe is more like family than a trinket)

- the snooze button (this is more of a Wednesday morning love)
- my fun-brella to protect myself from the winter rain
- when the songs on my (vintage) ipod (shuffle) plays songs that match my mood - this is becoming more and more rare seeing as i haven't updated my music in about three months ...
- getting home in time for a full episode of un-DVR'ed Friends

1 comment:

  1. Ta bague ainsi que le pull aux écritures pailletées sont géniaux!