Wednesday, February 2, 2011

morning style

This post was meant for yesterday but my silly phone played a February Fool's trick on me so I'll adapt the story and include this morning's style bit.
For the past two days, and every day really, I press the snooze button until it's absolutely imperative that I get out of bed and off to work before I'm late. Luckily, these past few days have allowed me to press the button a couple of extra times since I've been picking out my outfits before bed and I've found myself at the breakfast table surprisingly early. Yesterday I used my extra time to change out of my usual pearl stud earrings into something a little flashier and apply a fresh coat of red lipstick. Today i used the time to give myself a weather and grey sky appropriate 'mink muff' manicure.
These little extras in the morning along with my new sky high booties have given me a burst of extra morning style that I am eager to keep experimenting with.
Yesterday, as I arrived to my train station, a woman in her late 70s at least, was swiping her transport card in style - smart ballet flats, creamy cashmere stockings, a well-fitted tweed coat, Chanel bag and an oh-so-neat bun of white whispy hair. Cheers to her and to all of us for adding style to our days from the very early morning!
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