Thursday, March 29, 2012


Before the cold comes snapping back this weekend, I took advantage of the lovely springtime to bring out some of my favorite brights at the moment. An old favorite blouse from a few summers ago and a new tangerine colored skirt that I seriously wish came in every color of how much I like its cut and the way it swishes.

skirt and blazer: Forever XXI; blouse: Mango (s/s 2009); pumps: Nine West

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

slow beginnings

It never fails that when spring arrives, as excited as I am, it takes a while for me to get out of the tights and layers mindset and into the light, spring mode. Too often are the mornings where I find myself in hazy blur staring blankly into my closet not even knowing where to begin and find myself pulling outfits like this one together. This afternoon, as I sat with my uniform lunch of fig salad and lemon meringue tart (no crust, please) at my desk, I thought of a few outfit ideas that I can't wait to see play out, only if the weather agrees that is ...

blouse: Ralph Lauren; skirt: H&M; sandals: Nine West; scarf as a belt: Tous; nails: Essie 'pink parka'

Monday, March 26, 2012

bonjour le printemps !

We were extremely lucky to celebrate the first official weekend of spring with perfect Parisian sunshine. Both Saturday and Sunday we tried to spend as much time as possible outside - wandering from uncharted corners to familiar territory, sitting on the banks of the Seine and watching the Bateaux Mouches buzz by and sitting on café terraces with our faces in the sun at cocktail hour. A girl can only hope it lasts !!

top: Old Navy; jeans and bag: Forever XXI; shoes: Nine West; glasses: YSL

au revoir tights and boots , bonjour le printemps!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

top three

one: chambray blouse: Forever XXI; skirt (a/w 2011): Zara; mary janes: Nine West
two: silk blouse: H&M; pants: Forever XXI; pumps: Gap
three: blouse, skirt and blazer: Forever XXI; pumps: Gap

Every once in a while, or a little too often, I'll buy something and it stays in my closet indefinitely. This week, I decided to bring some of those things out to play - notably, a brocade skirt (from last winter's sale season), a black structured silk blouse and a pair of bowed pumps that made a double debut on Thursday and Friday.
Happy weekend to all !

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Fling

These pictures are a few days old - more than a week to be exact, but I wanted to save them for the first day of spring because of their extreme brightness. I can't wait to bring these sorbet colors out over the next few months to create new spring favorites and feel as bright as the sun shines.
I took these in Amsterdam last week, where the weather was exceptionally warm. Like the first time I went to Amsterdam last fall, I was completely enthralled with the city and how different it is from anywhere I've ever been before.

blouse: Ralph Lauren; pants and belt: Forever XXI; cardigan: GAS; ballet slippers: H&M; necklace: Galleries Lafayette; sunglasses: Ray Ban

Friday, March 16, 2012

pretty days

I love the first signs of spring - sunglasses coming out of their cases, boots moving to the back of the closet, colorful clothes making its way into the light again ..

We had our first official taste of it this weekend and enjoyed it thoroughly. Sunday morning we left Paris under relatively grey skies (it was also before the sun was completely up...) and arrived in Brussels under perfect blue, cloudless sunshine. For the first time since the autumn, my coat felt a little too heavy. Lunch on the terrace confirmed it, spring is almost here !!

jeans and jacket: Forever XXI; tee: Old Navy; flats: Zara; nails: Essie 'pink parka'

Saturday, March 10, 2012

fancy flats

As much as I like wearing heels, I've come to terms with the fact that they aren't very practical for traveling, long-distance walking or weekend-ing. With this in mind, I'm expanding my flats collection so they are just as fun as their higher heel-ed closet companions. Here are just a few of my favorites at the moment...

from left to right: beaded flats gifted from Dubai; silver pattern flats: Zara; pink satin ballet flats: H&M; gold oxfords: Forever XXI

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

pretty little things

To celebrate the day, I decided to put together some of my favorite things in one single outfit: frilly pink lace, glitter, pink fingernails and ever so slight waves in my hair. What am I celebrating? Knowing exactly when I'll be flying off for the summer, ticket confirmation and all! Now all I have to do is tick the days off my calendar, choose a handful of colorful, fun and exciting bikinis and choose the destination of our mini get-away within the vacation. Oh, and if a weekend or two come along to make the time go by faster, I'll take that that too!

dress: H&M; belt: Forever XXI; cardigan: GAS; nails: Essie 'mod squad'; mary janes: Nine West; watch: Michael Kors

Monday, March 5, 2012

pink pop

I'm not sure there was a brighter pink in the store the day I got this sweater. That day, I was in the mood for something fun and uplifting that would make me think of springtime ahead, but keep me warm during the reality of winter. Mission: accomplished !

sweater, skirt, belt, necklace: Forever XXI; shoes: Nine West

Friday, March 2, 2012

casual friday

I didn't follow the casual Friday rule today, probably because I don't think it exists in France and probably also because I don't believe in it, personally. On the contrary, walking out of the house this morning I thought I might have over done it - bun too high, dress too bright, I don't know. All I knew then was, I felt like putting on my sunglasses and playing hookie - roaming the streets of Paris, sitting at a café and sipping a cappuccino while daydreaming the hours away, gawking at fashion-week go-ers and simply having a ball. That's what my ideal Friday would play like in my head. What about yours?
dress: Forever XXI; jacket: Zara; shoes: Nine West; bag: Coach