Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Uniform layers

After high school, I had a kind of aversion to anything resembling school uniforms that I had worn between ages 9 and 18, meaning white, yellow or blue polo shirts, anything khaki and blue pleated skirts. Ironically, I picked this jumper dress out of the uniform section on one of my more recent trips back to the States. It was more of an impulse, I need something easy to wear over my bathing suit, kind of buy than anything else, but it has turned into one of my favorite "easy" pieces. Taking advantage of the Indian summer we've been experiencing in Paris and in the spirit of trying new things, I chose to layer the dress under one of my favorite summer skirts before it's time to pack it back into the cellar for the winter. I'm pretty happy with the way the look turned out and am excited to try to replicate it with more season appropriate skirts as the weather cools down. 

dress: Wal-Mart girls uniform section; skirt: Forever XXI; shoes: Nine West; necklace: Galleries Lafayette 

live beautiful - autumn 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

head's up

On days that I know things will be particularly trying, I try to brighten up the mood by literally wearing brights or things that make me feel happy. Monday morning I paired a mix of my happiest brights with red lipstick and some of my favorite shoes for what I knew would be a challenging day. Other things I did throughout the day to keep my head out of the water were - listen to my favorite songs, write in colorful ink and take a walk after work. It's easy to get distracted and caught up in the mess that is real life, but it's even easier, at least I feel, to find and center yourself with the simplest pleasures. 

top and skirt: Forever XXI; shoes: Nine West (circa freshman year of college); necklace: Galeries Lafayette; watch: Nine West

Monday, September 23, 2013

indian summer?

All of last week, we were looking forward to the weekend that was promised to be sunny and warm. It seems like the sunshine and the pleasant weather skipped town as soon as September rolled around. While the clouds loomed over the city, menacing with rain and the drear that comes in the dead of autumn, temperatures were pleasant enough for me to prance around the city sans tights this weekend and hopefully I'll be able to keep doing so well into the week. 

top: Forever XXI; skirt: Chicwish; flats: H&M; bag: Lancel

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Vogue Fashion's Night Out

fell in love with this look as soon as i saw it - inside Colette 

In Paris, I guess one can suppose every night is fashion's night out. And every day for that matter... So Tuesday night for Vogue's Fashion Night Out, all cards were on deck. The atmosphere is electric with the city's most stylish whizzing from boutique to boutique dancing and sipping bubbles as they welcome the fall fashion parade. This is the second year I attend the event and I always leave feeling like the season ahead of us will be full of fun fashion surprises. 

also love all of these - Colette again

festive goodies outside Manoush

Tara Jarmon created an outdoor garden 

and to finish, this one pretty much sums up VFNO Paris

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

pleats me please

Inspired by a look recently spotted on the talented Daniela at Nany’s Klozet, I thought this pleated ensemble would be a great way to start a new week as the “rentrĂ©e” season is kicking in full gear in Paris. La rentrĂ©e is supposed to be one of the busiest periods in the French work calendar and while I can’t say I had a particularly calm summer, I wonder what the fall will hold in hand for me. For now, I’m keeping myself organized and goal oriented at work and looking forward to crisp autumn walks on the weekend!

tee, necklace and skirt: Forever XXI; shoes: Nine West; trench: H&M

Monday, September 16, 2013

photo diary : Valencia

For the past two years, we've opened and closed our summer season with trips to Valencia. Ryan Air makes it pretty easy for us to get there and spend two full days under the sun from Paris that it's hard for us not to be tempted. This season was no different - there's always something bittersweet about leaving the beach on that Sunday afternoon, kind of longing and wondering when will be the next time our toes are tickled by the sand. This summer was full of such overly majestic moments it's hard to believe the season is actually coming to a close. This last week in Paris has been a drizzly reminder that cooler times are coming. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

la notte, la notte

When we booked out hotel for Florence, one of the recommended activities on the website was having a drink or a meal on the rooftop terrace. I love rooftops - I think whoever invented the idea of putting tables and  a bar on the roof was a genius and I thank him or her for it. 
We booked dinner and I thought this dress from chicwish would be a perfect ensemble for a romantic sunset in Tuscany. The setting was absolutely stunning - arriving just before sunset we were able to enjoy the view with the burning pink sky and watch the stars settle into the night sky. Dinner was followed by a trip to Carraia for obscenely delicious gelato. About thirty flavors to choose from I chose white chocolate with pistachio and lemon shortcake. Sinful but I could have gone back for seconds ;) 

dress: chicwish; shoes: Zara

Friday, September 6, 2013

Florentine daydream

I have seen so many pictures of the carousel at the piazza della reppublicca that when I finally came across it with my own eyes, I understood immediately what all the fuss is about. The horses are incredibly elegant, dressed with feathers and colorful stones and the setting is just spectacular. We sat by the carousel finishing our gelato on Sunday night and the lights twinkling around the piazza were breathtaking. 

because when traveling in Italy, you never know when you'll be visiting a church, I chose my hottest pink cardigan as a cover up - much better than the medical looking frocks handed out at the entrance of some churches 

 when I saw this skirt on chicwish it had Florence written all over it in my mind. 

blouse: Old Navy (old); skirt: Chicwish; shoes: Zara; bag and cardigan: Forever XXI; sunnies: YSL 


This dress has been sitting in my closet since the Asos pre- sale this June. I have debated wearing it on several occasions but none of them seemed as perfect as walking the streets of Florence with monsieur. It was perfect if not a little hot but I'm sure I would have been boiling in no matter what to climb up the steps of the campanile and to enjoy the breathtaking views from the hills of San Nicola. 

not only do i love this dress, but i love how much fun its shadow is! look at the flowers shadowing through!

dress: Asos; bag: Forever XXI; shoes: Zara; sunnies: YSL (the only pair I took with me)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Photo Diary : Florence


Oscar Wilde said "good Americans go to Paris when they die." I'm a good American and I love Paris, duh, I live there, so does living there in this life qualify me to go to Italy in the next? 

I've never been to a place in Italy I didn't like and Florence didn't fail to deliver. Life truly is dolce under the Tuscan sun!