Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Paris ... Je t'aime ?

a post of two tales

late last week : angry and untitled
to live in this city is to be in a constant battle between love and hate . every day there are tests of patience of strength, of smells, sounds, sights ... either you pass, feeling like you sit on top of the world, or you fail - angrily questioning why in the world you would choose to move and live here of all places. Most days i feel like i've come out on top, like i've conquered something, but on these few others i can't help thinking of how easy i had it before - with a car, without a slight language barrier, air conditioner, where crosswalks are easily accessible things thanks to the invention of malls and the ever so precious four letter word: S.A.L.E!

tonight : mad about town
we spent the long weekend by the sea - visiting small villages and towns, listening to the ocean's roar, and really taking the time to take it easy. our return to the city last night was long, and we found ourselves wishing we were on real vacation (soon, we had to keep telling ourselves) coming back to paris and starting a new week this morning, i had the same uneasy feeling i had towards the end of last week when nothing seemed to be going right. then, tonight, i took the bus through my old neighborhood and into my new one, passing by some of my absolute favorite parts of the city and was once again reminded i'm mad about Paris! i love the little streets where you can find everything you need - bakery, butcher, cheese, flowers, wine - and i love how in so many street windows there are people standing staring in - every one has a different story to tell and we are all curious !

moral of the story is anywhere you go, there you are - sometimes you love it, sometimes you can't stand it , but luckily, there is always something there to remind you ...

tonight and most of the time, paris, je t'aime

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