Friday, October 18, 2013

birthday dreamery

Anyone who knows me knows that I love birthdays and get especially giddy around mine. In middle school, when decorative school supplies were all the hype, I would spend hours decorating a countdown to my birthday that I would post on the front of my binders on October 1. Now the countdown takes place in my head but I still get very excited planning celebrations – even when it means baking my own cake!
In the perfect world, my birthday this year would be a holiday, or at least a day off and I would prance around the city in a frilly outfit, visiting expos, eating cotton candy and pastries on sunny terraces (indication of daydreaming considering it’s late October), drinking champagne and just the general dilly dallying that birthday in Paris should consist of. If my perfect day were to come true, this is what I would wear.

shoes: Zara; bag: Zara; belt: Asos; dress: Sheinside

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