Monday, October 7, 2013

triple offender

Three weeks ago when we came back from Valencia, it was a little difficult to get over the fact that we'd officially crossed over into autumn. And so what do you do when you're not ready for a season? You go back, yes even if it's for the third time this year! Fast forward to this weekend, and that's exactly what we did - bask in perfect, cloudless skies and the welcoming Mediterranean for two full days of pure summer heaven. As soon as we stepped off the metro and into the Turia garden, it was au revoir layers and hola sunglasses, sandals and sunbathing. We were so happy to be back, we took these pictures as soon as we landed, weekend bag in hand and all. 

dress: H&M; headband and bag: Forever XXI; shoes: Nine West; weekend bag: Longchamp

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