Tuesday, May 14, 2013


It seems like everything is coming up Gatsby now that the movie is out. I for one, have been excited since I saw the trailer for the first time last year and love the idea of dressing like they did in the 1920s. The style is so glitzy and glam, I would dress like Daisy Buchanan every day if I could. Since I can't exactly walk around in the street dressed like this every day, I decided to slightly Gatsby-fy my look for the office this week. I like how this blouse sits just at the hip line, creating the impression that the skirt wasn't cinched at my waist underneath. I'll wait till I'm on vacation next week before watching the movie, so in the meantime, I'm listening to the soundtrack and watching The Artist. 

blouse and skirt: Forever XXI; shoes: Nine West

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