Tuesday, February 12, 2013

weekend in Lisbon

This weekend, we left Paris under a blanket of fresh white snow and arrived in sunny Lisbon, the destination of my Christmas gift to monsieur, for two magical days. The sun was shining down (or should I say up) every little creaky, winding street, and sitting on a terrace overlooking the Tagus for lunch, we felt like we were more than just two hours away from Paris. The busyness of this city has a different rhythm than Paris - it's a slower busyness, a laid back kind of hustle and bustle of people going places,  but not forgetting to live while they are on their way.

The city is positively bursting with color. This embroidery print was quite popular in some shops, I think it was for Valentine's Day and I absolutely love it. Something tells me it won't be long before these teacups are mine. 

I read about the conserveria nacional in our guidebook (that I cleverly used to wrap the plane tickets up for Christmas). I can't wait to crack one open and savor its contents with a warm baguette and a nice glass of wine for an apéro. We stocked up on quite a few as their colorful prints and fun flavors make for unique and inexpensive souvenirs.

A kind of sweet sugary, cinnamon smell hovers over parts of the city when bakeries bring out batches of their sinful little custard pies. When you ask for them to go, the server kind of looks at you like "are you sure you won't stay a while to savor this properly?"

When I go places I've never been before, I like to send a couple of postcards and keep one for our collection at home - I usually use this as an excuse to peruse as many trinket and knick knack boutiques as I can before Monsieur tells me it's time to move on.

The weekend was perfect and just what we needed as winter carries on and spring seems so impossibly far away. Oh how I wish we were still there!!

dress: Forever XXI; headband: Asos; mocassins: Gap
pants: H&M; sweater (though barely visible) Forever XXI; bag: Longchamp (a lifesaver when you can only take a single carry-on item on certain airlines)

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