Friday, November 15, 2013

Winter Switch

This weekend was our annual switcharoo weekend where we take all our summer stuff down to the cellar and switch it for our winter clothes. I usually hate doing this as it means I'll be bundled like a hot tamale for the next four months at least but for whatever reason, I was actually excited to make the switch. Over the years living in Paris, I've actually come to really enjoy dressing for winter and the first few days are the most exciting because it's literally like finding new clothes. This morning I was so happy to pair this super festive little skirt with a sparkly manicure and necklace and my winter wedges. It's probably going to be a long winter but if I can manage a few fun looks like this one every week then I'm set! 

top, necklace and skirt: Forever XXI; sweater: the Limited; shoes: Mango

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