Saturday, November 23, 2013

a little romance

Sometimes I find myself thinking about characters from books or movies long after I've finished them. Clearly, these people only exist for a couple of hundred pages or the time of a movie, but I think it's fun to think that their lives may have continued. I don't do this all the time, but there are some characters that have kind of stuck with me over the years. 
When I was in my early teens, my sister and I stumbled across a charming little movie during a weekend preview of the classic movie channels that at the time we were not subscribed to. That weekend, we watched A Little Romance probably five times and recorded it on VHS. It's such a sweet story of finding love and friendship. A few years later, when this American girl found herself a charming Frenchman of her own, the movie took on a whole new meaning. I've always wondered whether the main characters find themselves again after the girl moves back to America. Years after watching the movie for the first time, I'm also still inspired by some of the looks in the movie. 

skirt: Chicwish; sweater: Le Mont St Michel; bag: Zara; mocassins: Asos

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