Sunday, January 13, 2013

lucky number five

Last weekend marked the five year anniversary of my arrival in Paris - a wide-eyed 20-year-old ready to live in Paris for six months... I remember like it was yesterday. On our usual Sunday walk, I thought of all the things that were different, like the fact that I actually live here permanently and that I have a full-time job and my Parisian life is no longer made up of more field trips and site visits an elementary school student could dream of.  But there are also things that haven't changed, like how shop windows can keep me dreaming for afternoons on end, and how sometimes unexpectedly, Paris can creep up on me and remind me how lucky I am to live here with someone so great. As we walked through the Ile St. Louis last week, a walk we usually don't take, I thought of these things coming together and think I am quite enjoying how my little Parisian is turning out. 


  1. You are living the dream! You will look back on this time in your life and be so glad that you enjoyed and soaked in a new city.

  2. Would be so perfect to live in Paris. Remember to never take advantage of it! It's the little things that make the city beautiful <3

    - Jacqueline xx