Monday, July 9, 2012

weekend play to workday

Whenever I get something new, I'm worse than a child - even if it's the simplest little thing, like this new Breton stripe tee, I feel like I need to wear it all the time. Using the same colors and general look idea, I transitioned my tee from Sunday afternoon for a stroll around the city to Monday for a day at the office. Changing jeans for black pants, a wicker basket for a real purse and adding a few inches to the height of my heels did the trick for a smooth transition from play to work.

 tee and wicker bag: weekend steals from a trip to monoprix; jeans and pants: Forever XXI; 
sandals: Kino Key West; pumps: Mango; scarf: Dublin souvenir; glasses: ChloĆ© 


  1. Love the stripes and red heels combo - so fresh yet chic!

    Stop by!

  2. I like the stripes and scarf combination. Great outfit!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! Love yours too!!!


  4. Looks great! And I loved that you know how to switch up the style, from a relaxed afternoon to a workday!