Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the scenic route

i took a taxi back to work today after an event this morning. the driver took us down the river, passed the eiffel tower, through the louvre and up towards the opera. i thought to myself, and outloud, paris in the sun is really something ! suddenly getting to work wasn't as bad and i started my day with happy thoughts. on my way home tonight, still daydreaming of a day in the city, i decided to take the bus for the first time (i only last week realized there was a convenient bus route from home to work). completely unsure of the route, i zipped my transport pass and took a window seat. surprise, surprise ! the bus took me past all the left-bank monuments and lifted my spirits all the way home. i think i'm starting a love affair - with this city in the sun !

dress: Forever XXI; sandals: Nine West; watch: Michael Kors; trench: H&M; sunglasses: Ray Ban

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