Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a change of air

between the hours of two and eight this afternoon, i sat at my desk and worked. and worked. and worked. by the time i left, i felt suffocated and in desperate need of a change of pace. instead of getting on the metro at the stop nearest to my office as i tend too often to do when i leave late, i called my boyfriend who is conveniently working in my neighborhood this week and who was conveniently still at work (although not for him) and we went home together. walking by the window displays of gallery lafayette always changes my ideas and lifts my mood. the parisienne window scenes on display now were a delightful treat and made me feel almost like i was going home from a day other than a work day. thank you, Paris, for always knowing how to brighten me up.
these pictures are from Friday night actually, but the same story applies ...

skirt and top: Forever XXI; bag: Old Navy; sandals: Nine West

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