Tuesday, January 26, 2010

petits plaisirs - mardi

I am eternally grateful for mornings when I wake up knowing exactly what I'm going to wear and being able to snooze three instead of two times. I splashed some color into my life again this morning and tied a red silk scarf around the collar of a powder blue chemise and felt like a spring flower all day.
My daydreams took me to thoughts of warm, lazy afternoons today, and all I could think about was spending an afternoon reading a book in Luxembourg gardens, laying barefoot and pink-pedicured in the grass letting the sun shine shine shine. (It will be months before this day is real)
Quickly bouncing back to reality, I spent a seemingly endless afternoon and evening working away. At the end of the day, I thought nothing was on my side. The bus stop in front of the office is closed again, this time thanks to construction on the street, I missed the bus at the next nearest stop and once I was at La Defense, a train came through the station and continued without stopping. Four minutes later, the train that finally took me to Etoile moved forward painfully slowly. I got on line 6 ready to close my eyes from the time we passed the Eiffel Tower to the time I got home, and found a very pleasant, very familiar face getting on the train at Bir Hakeim - my boyfriend and I were on the same train, going home at the same time. Although it really is the best way to finish a day of work, I won't lie - it was planned. He let a train pass before so we could be on the same one.

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