Monday, January 25, 2010

petits plaisirs - lundi

At 7 a.m. this morning, our clock radio burst into song. I don't usually remember what sounds come blaring out of the speakers, especially on Monday, but I do remember that this morning I was dancing in my dreams, so it must have been good. Already the first sign of a good morning.
By the time I finally got out of bed and dressed and realized I was super early, I had already danced (slid) across the apartment and was ready for breakfast.
Getting on the metro and completely oblivious to where the exits are at Etoile, I made a dash for the middle of the train only to find ... the scarecrow of a woman from last week's nightmare episode standing at the door, flashing her brown bucked teeth in her signature smile of pure evil. Terrified at such a sight so early in the morning but not being able to hold in the laughter, I scuttled to the front compartment and got away from her!
Kids on the metro are probably my favorite - especially when they're funny. Last Thursday, during the teacher strikes, a little boy of no more than ... six, got on the train with his grandfather and was squished beyond belief among the busy bodies on their way to work. The grandfather got on the train talking to the little boy, who was invisible from where I was standing. I heard things like "not too squished?" and "are you ok" and "we'll sit down soon" and thought to myself, 'great, another crazy person on the train." A few stops later, I realized there was a little boy with the old man, as he started talking to the people around him saying it was the boy's first time taking the metro in the morning and that he must probably feel like a canned sardine or a slice of toast in the middle of the loaf. For the boy, it was definitely an experience, for me, it was a fun way to start my day.
This morning, a toddler talking to her dad through her pacifier had most of the people around her entertained as she told her dad she would not take a nap on the metro. On their way off the train, she gently tapped everyone on her way on their foreheads with her tiny fingers and a smile on her face.
From now on every Monday should start with good songs on the clock radio and funny kids on the metro.... and Sun!

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