Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mademoiselle on the Metro, on the metro

When I first started this blog, I think it's safe to say, I had a little love affair with the metro. Coming from a city that doesn't have any kind of viable public transportation (except for the lucky few who can take the air train) the Paris metro was something of a fascination to me. You can get virtually anywhere in the city in under an hour, and chances are, everything will run smoothly. Little by little, this love affair has turned into a relationship of necessity and nine times out of ten, I wish I lived within walking distance of everywhere I need to go. 
Recently, on a weekend browsing trip to the bookstore, I peeked my nose into a book called "Comment ĂȘtre une vraie lady" (How to be a real lady) - fitting, n'est ce pas? I read through the chapter about being a lady on the metro and thought it was very well fitting - take as little space as possible, keep your composure, read a book (this is my favorite) and daydream. 

pants: Mango (old); blouse: H&M; wedges: Nine West; bag: Coach


  1. Do none of the above.
    Way more fun, socialable yes you heard me right and prettier views.
    I don't think you'd have to change the title of your blog either...just don't go on about it too much or the bus will inundated.
    A Paris well-kept secret
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  2. Even at rush hour the French know how to keep the noise level to a minimum and find the 30 minute or so commute to actually be productive. During the tourist season it never fails that on any given ride you will come across a group of Americans gabbing about their recent visit to Notre Dame. Maybe you should loan them this chapter?