Saturday, January 7, 2012

where's charlie?

When I got home tonight, my boyfriend said my sweater reminded him of "Where's Charlie?" (Waldo) All day however, it made me think of how much I love stripe tops and how many I have (wayy into double digits, this one being my most recent). It also got me thinking of stripes and lines in general and as much as I love them on shirts, I really dislike them more and more on paper.
When I was growing up, and well into my short adult life, "normal paper" had blue horizontal stripes and two pink margins - one dark on the left and one very faint line on the right. Since I've been living in France, paper like this is almost impossible to come by - it's usually always square paper, which I associate with math and so instantly dislike, or hyper-squared, where even the squares have squares in them. How can any creativity flow without getting out of the lines a little?!
It's why I've decided to make notebooks of my own - a series of twelve mini installations - one for each month, where I'll be jotting down muses, song names, book names, recipes, ideas, and general day dreamish things on a daily basis. Every now and then, I'll cut and paste something on one of the blank pages, and who knows, maybe it will show up here!
Bon Week-end à tous !
headband: Forever XXI; sweater: Old Navy; skirt: Banana Republic; booties: Asos; bag: Coach

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