Tuesday, September 21, 2010

journée de patrimoine

This Sunday, we took to the streets of Paris to enjoy the last day of the journées de patrimoine weekend, during which one can visit most museums and government owned buildings. We started the afternoon with the Jardin des Plantes but the greenhouses were not participating in the events so we wandered elsewhere, visiting the majestic Bibliotheque Sainte Genevieve and Hôtel de Ville, Paris' city hall. Both visits were equally entertaining - the library made me wish I was a student all over again, brought back memories of when I used to work in a library and got me thinking that maybe I should spend some time there; Hôtel de Ville took my breath away with the lavishly ornate decoration and breathtaking chandeliers hanging from literally every inch of the ceiling! Mr. Mayor, I'd like very much to be invited to a party chez vous! It was the perfect way to spend the last Sunday of summer.

I took advantage of the great weather to mix fall and summer pieces and wear my brand new jacket for the first time.

dress: forever xxi; blazer: h&m; shoes: Target; bag: Longchamp

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