Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Optimism

This morning was an early morning. I learned a few weeks ago that the earlier you take the train, the more pleasant it is. There are often even empty seats the whole way to work. Waking up an extra ten to twenty minutes earlier is definitely worth it.
Anyways, walking out of the apartment this morning, I met my next door neighbor in the hallway as we waited for the elevator. She's an older, relatively elegant woman, and this morning as she put on her flowered gloves in the elevator, I thought about how on Monday mornings, we all put our best foot forward. A few seconds later, the doors opened on the 11th floor and a woman with perfectly done blonde hair and a smart pair of burgundy Chanel glasses stepped in, also ready to leave her mark on the day.
On the ground floor, the three of us each marched in our own direction ready to take on a new week.

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